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Helpline for injured, there ill or orphaned birds of prey in Norfolk 07931423695

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or for all other queries including event or talk bookings; info@raptortrust.org.uk

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The Raptor Trust was established in 1983 in Norfolk, England to treat sick and injured birds of prey and to alert the public to the need to protect and conserve both birds of prey and the habitat in which they live.

The Trust is manned and run by volunteers working from their own homes. There are no paid employees and the volunteers receive only direct out of pocket expenses and a modest mileage allowance. Over the years the Trust has evolved into a fully registered charity (No. 1036884) which not only continues to administer to sick and injured birds but has extended its sphere of operations to include the conservation of birds of prey and their habitat and prey species. The trust also has an active educational programme either directly through visits and talks to schools and other youth groups as well as adult organisations, or indirectly at the many shows that the Trust attends each year.

Contact the Raptor Trust on our dedicated mobile number 07931 423695

Charity Registration No. 1036884 

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